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Lecture Series

Dr Ken
Dr Ken Wadland is available to give a live presentation to your group at times convenient for you.  His style is highly interactive, answering questions from the audience, telling stories about the location of interest, showing photographs, and demonstrating souvenirs and other travel items.  The presentation can be tailored to your group, as needed.

Dr Ken is an intrepid traveler, a story teller, and an explorer of world cultures.  He has visited all 50 of the United States and has traveled to 34 countries on 6 continents.  As part of his career, he has lectured extensively and been a keynote speaker in North America, Europe and Asia.  As an independent, adventure tourist, he has explored remote regions of Africa, South America and Australia.  He has taken five around-the-world trips.

Some of the Arm-Chair Travel presentations that Dr Ken offers are:
Ken visiting a Koala

Dr Ken has stayed in everything from five star hotels to a hammock in the jungle.  He’s traveled using more than 30 different means of transportation, including: camel,  donkey, elephant, hovercraft, motorcycle taxi, water taxi, trolley, humvee, dune buggy, tramway, funicular, rickshaw, tuk-tuk, steam train, bicycle and on foot.

Unlike most travelers that go on a tour or in a group and see mostly other tourists, Ken prefers traveling alone with no advance reservations so as to experience firsthand how the indigenous people live.

Typically, presentations run about 30 minutes followed by a Q&A session.  The program consists of a mixture of stories, computer slides and show-and-tell and is highly interactive.  The standard charge for this service is $60 plus travel (at $0.56 per mile to/from Albion, Rhode Island).  If you would like to have a longer or shorter customized program, this can be negotiated.

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At a waterfall   
Taj Mahal