Arm-Chair Travels in Africa

Ever wonder what African towns and villages are like?  What is life like in a third world village with no electricity and no indoor plumbing?  Have you heard others talk about African safaris and dreamt about what you might see?  These and other questions are the topic of the Africa Adventure presentation. 

This presentation is a virtual visit to countries in southern Africa, including Botswana and Zimbabwe.  Through stories, photographs and show-and-tell items, Dr Ken shares his experiences as an independent tourist in Africa.

No two presentations are the same.  Dr Ken tailors his presentation on the fly to the needs and desires of his audience.  

Normally, in the first part of this presentation, Dr Ken talks about life in Zambia and Botswana while showing photos of African villages and towns, including shopping in grocery stores in the town and at outdoor markets in the countryside. 

Also as part of this presentation, Dr Ken talks about going on safari: by truck, by canoe and on foot.  The Okavango Delta provides a rare, remaining glimpse into the incredible “bush” country of Africa.   

The length of this presentation can be targeted anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the needs of your audience.  Additional information can be added or enhanced as desired.  See Arm-Chair Travels with Dr Ken for price information.

This is part of a series of Arm-Chair Travel presentations by Dr. Ken, which also include: China, India, Cambodia, and others.