Arm-Chair Travels to the Disney Parks

Magic Kingdom

Almost everyone in America has either visited a Disney Park or knows someone who has.  What about you?

Yet, there's much that most people don't know about Disney Parks.  How many Disney theme parks there are in the world?  (There are currently ten of them.)  Plus, there are even more Disney resorts, golf courses, water parks and other attractions.  Even that doesn't count the many, nearby non-Disney-owned hotels, rides and shows whose livelihoods depend on getting visitors away from the Disney property.
In this presentation, Dr Ken will tell stories and show photos from many of the Disney Parks and their competitors.  He will also provide his perspective on the wide variety of tourists who visit Disney and some of the many tourism styles they use.  What's the "Dumbo or Die" touring plan?  And, why would anyone use it?   Does anyone get married inside the Magic Kingdom?  Is it just for kids?

The presentation is very informal.  Dr Ken invites questions from the audience throughout the entire program.  

Chip and Dale
The length of this presentation is normally 30 minutes.  Additional information can be added or expanded as needed.  See Arm-Chair Travels with Dr Ken for price information and other available Arm-Chair Travel presentations.