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Finding the Peanut Butter

Ever wonder about the RV lifestyle?  What’s it like to live full-time in an RV when “home is where you park it.”

In this eBook, the writer tells of his experiences in his first three years of living as a nomad touring North America in his RV (2015-2018).  The eBook includes some background on selecting and purchasing an RV but is not a guidebook or a how-to book.   Instead, this eBook focuses on the distinctive lifestyle of living in an RV and constantly moving to a new location as opposed to living in one location in a house or apartment.

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All devices (computers, tablets, laptops, even cell phones) are capable of reading eBooks in ePUB format.  However, you may have to load special software, which is generally free.  The best way is to use an eReader device (such as a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or Kobo).

if you do not have an eReader device or eReader software.

In this book, I describe my experiences traveling full-time in North America in my Fifth-Wheel RV for three years (2015-2018).

This eBook documents one person’s experience.  Other full-time RVers have had extremely different experiences.  This is not a “how-to” book.  It is not a guide to RVs or places to go in an RV.  There are plenty of excellent books on RV to be found in bookstores, eBooks, and websites.  If you are looking for knowledgeable advice from an expert, then you'll have to look elsewhere.  But, if you'd like to read about the bumbling journey and (occasionally) funny observations by an intrepid explorer, download it now!  

All events in this book are real and happened to me personally; however, certain minor details have intentionally been omitted or altered for literary purposes. 

This eBook is distributed free of charge  You may freely download or share copies but may not include this book or any portion of this book in commercial or derivative works without the explicit, written permission of the author.  You may freely copy this book to any medium.  However, you may not alter, add to, remove from, or modify copies of this book.